About us: Soyuz t-shirts story

What do you do with pieces of an original space mission landing parachute from MIR or ISS? In 2003 we had an idea about offering unique bags and accessories made from actual famous relics such as space mission material (initially we wanted to feature a US space shuttle parachute  yeah!) and famous sails from America’s Cup races, Mt Everest expeditions tents or Cirque du Soleil big tops. I contacted Russian astronauts and within a few months went to Moscow to get an original and authenticated Soyuz MIR space mission landing parachute from Alexander Serebrov, mission engineer on MIR. Bags were made and sold on eBay and so was Everquest Design born offering unique products featuring a “Piece of history and adventure”.

Soyuz TMA-3 parachute folding.

Eleven years later I still have very large unused pieces of the original Soyuz MIR and TMA-3 landing parachutes in the basement and I decided to launch SoyuzspaceStore.com and SoyuzSpacetshirts.com to offer original t-shirts featuring Soyuz space landing mission parachutes 


So this is the story behind the launch of Soyuz t-shirts. We are working on  different models; from classic Flown in Space to 1-800-space-junk and hope you enjoy them. These are truly unique as we do not know any other company that actually puts a $30 piece of space relic on a t-shirt. We are based in a Montreal suburb and can be contacted at soyuzbags@gmail.com. We hope you tell your friends about your "crazy AND unique" Soyuz Space t-shirt.       Thanks. J.L. Marcoux ; founder