Is it authentic?

Why should you buy a unique Soyuz Space item: 

  • 1. Unique and original product authenticated by an actual astronaut(certificate included)


2. It's a piece of space history from a real mission(MIR or ISS)


3. Most astronauts only wish they had a piece of their mission landing parachute


4. Truly limited edition: we can only make a limited number with the parachute pieces left. 


5. it's a talking piece guaranteed to be noticed

6. The actual piece of parachute is worth as much as the t-shirt with the certificate of authenticity

Some Soyuz landing parachutes were made available to mission engineers as they returned to earth. Some astronauts chose to use them to protect their cars in the garage! We were fortunate to work with astronauts to make them available to you.  All t-shirts and bags come with a certificate of authenticity signed by A.A. Serebrov, flight engineer on the Soyuz TM-8 Mir mission for the MIR mission parachute or A. Kaleri, flight engineer on the TMA-3 mission. The document certifies the piece of parachute on the product as authentic.  Remember this is a unique limited edition item. No t-shirts are alike since a piece is cut from the relic. This piece may be slightly distressed during the parachute deployment and descent.